Featured Video: Film

"Umbrella Killer II:

President's Day"

Houston's 48HFP Horror award-winning short

Winner: Audience Favorite

Winner: Best Ensemble Acting

Winner: Best Musical Score

Honorable Mention: Best Sound Design

Featured Video: Improv

Improv Comedy Graduation Show

"Attractive Nuisance"

Featuring the brand-new form,

"Get It, Dave"

Station Theater

1230 Houston Ave

Saturday, Jan 13

Featured Video: Stage

"The Sperm Monologue"

You ever been surrounded by the screams of your dying friends?

Joe has.

Performed as part of Inside the Mind of Cassie Randall 

at The Company Onstage, Jan 5, 2018.

Written by Cassie Randall

Directed by Michael Raabe

Featuring Austin Heps

The Powderkeg Show #6

Part of Trill Comedy Festival

Written and directed by Conor Farrell and Cassie Randall

Station Theater

1230 Houston Ave

Featured Video: Sketch