On-set for the short film "Social (Media) Currency"
Powderkeg Productions:
Running the World
since 2017

Powderkeg Productions is a fearless, award-winning writing and performance team for stage and screen.


Based in Houston, they have years of experience in writing, acting, filmmaking, stand-up, and improv.


You want to know these people.

They want to know you.

Houston-based writer and performer Conor Farrell

Conor Farrell:

Writer, Performer

Conor has been writing staged theatre since 2011, graduated the improv program at Station Theater in 2018, write and performs for several theater, sketch, and improv groups,  and is a member of the board for Cone Man Running Productions. He has performed stand up comedy as well. Conor does not have a strong grasp of the English language.

Houston-based writer and performer Cassie Randall

Cassie Randall:

Writer, Actor, Filmmaker, Photographer

Middle school Cassie always wanted to write novels about dragons and warrior princesses, wolves, or horses; she never finished any. High school Cassie wrote Harry Potter fan fiction. College Cassie wrote sad poetry. Adult Cassie started acting in 2014 and writing for stage in 2015, completing a master's in screenwriting in 2017 with a feature-length screenplay called Crazy Bitch Wife. Stay tuned for more work with her best friend and favorite writer/performer, Conor Farrell.


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